Our potent prescription was a fully-developed design theme for an extraordinary and adventurous clinic visit that inspires a return trip.

This pharmaceutical research facility performs clinical drug trials with an ongoing demand for large numbers of volunteers in order to achieve valid results. Our creative team embraced our client’s goal to create a space that was innovative and unique, yet comfortable enough for volunteers to relax in during the important clinical work at hand. The fun and engaging travel design concept is “R&R” (Research and Relaxation) allowing “guests” to enjoy their time at the destination.

The story unfolds as such: As clients arrive in the main lobby (the airport concourse), they receive a passport and point of departure to one of three inviting clinic destinations: “The Beach,” “The Mountains” or “The City.” The travel theme is packed with vivid design details to conjure up pleasant memories and a sense of escape—umbrella drink anyone? Room for growth played a role in the design concept to keep the experience fresh as they expand in the future. The newest itinerary option will be “The Meadow,” for dental volunteers. Sometimes the story is so good, you’ll want to travel there again and again.

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