By thinking outside the everyday realm, we design surprises to inspire a world of creativity.

Full of delightful surprises, we transformed this classic office space into a post-industrial, quirky world with inviting references to nature’s elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. These organic elements came to life in surreal retreats from work stations, encouraging free thought and inspiring people to be productive anywhere in the space. The eight-foot high sculpted “nest” of twigs and branches was designed as an airy and informal meeting incubator to hatch new ideas. Engaged and fully firing brains need oxygen to ignite, so we brought O2 to the mix with a living upside-down garden. More discoveries unfold as a hidden key unlocks a concealed door, revealing the “Super-Secret Hideout.” You never know what else you’ll find!

Let us reveal surprising results in your space.  enviconblue